Keep Up by Slowing Down, Says Inspirational Speaker Shawn Ellis

As featured on, the somewhat contrarian advice of inspirational speaker, Shawn Ellis, is being called a “breath of fresh air” by attendees of his “This Moment Matters” seminar and keynote presentation.

There’s no question that heavy workloads are getting people down:

The accelerating pace and complexity of life and work today has 63 percent of employees saying they experience high levels of stress at work with extreme fatigue and feeling out of control, according to The Conference Board’s 2012 Job Satisfaction Survey.

“That’s why pushing workers to do ‘more, better, faster’ is unrealistic,” said Ellis. “It only adds to their frustration and fuels burnout.”

Shawn says that burnout and fatigue — and not the lack of skills or motivation — are often the culprits behind a team’s subpar performance:

“When we see teams that are underperforming, we often think that there is a shortage of skills or motivation,” said Ellis. “In reality, most people know what they need to do to be effective in their jobs and they want to do it, but they’re just exhausted by the overwhelming demand for their time and attention.”

Not only is his advice to live and work like “This Moment Matters” backed up by decades of research and thousands of case studies — as well as anecdotal evidence from well-known companies like Google, Procter & Gamble, General Mills and others — but it’s also backed up by his personal experience. He “practices what he preaches” in order to meet the demands of leading a small business, being a husband and father, and facing the added complications of his wife’s chronic illness:

“I’ve tried the ‘do more, faster’ approach and it’s exhausting,” Ellis said. “The only real and sustainable solution is to slow down, and to make the choice to live and work like ‘This Moment Matters.’ After all, everything happens in this moment.”

Living and working like “This Moment Matters” has allowed Shawn to transform his business and life to experience more happiness, reduced stress and greater success.

Read the full news release here, or learn more about Shawn’s work as an inspirational speaker here.

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