REBOOT: 5 Essentials to Get You (and Your Team) Ready to Rise in 2021

It’s time for a fresh start. Congratulations! You’ve survived 2020. (Almost, anyway.) This year has been a doozy, and the fact you’re still here is something to celebrate–truly. Now, the question is: How do we prepare for what’s next? And how do we not only survive 2021, but get back to a state of thriving? […]

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When life feels out of control, come back to your heart

When circumstances are swirling around you and it feels like everything is out of control, you need something you can anchor to in order to find a sense of certainty and stability. To varying degrees, we all have a need for certainty and stability.  This year, many of us realized the “objects” we were anchored to weren’t so solid after all: […]

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Claim Your “AAA” Power, Transform Your Experience

Today we are on Day 2 of the Five to Thrive 5-Day Resilience Challenge and our theme is: Claim Your Power. 🔌⁣ ⁣This entire process–as we work through the “Working with What Is” course–is about making the shift from living as a victim of your circumstances, to living as the creator of your experience. Anytime […]

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