Should I really care about employee happiness? [INFOGRAPHIC]

In recent years, it seems that everywhere you turn someone’s talking about happiness. (Even me.)

There are well over 30,000 books on the subject at, like:

What’s really interesting to me is seeing how often happiness is linked to work and business — like The Happiness Advantage and Delivering Happiness┬átitles above, for example. (There are over 1,200 happiness books in the Business section on, by the way.)

Is this really something leaders should be concerned with, or is it just some touchy-feely, feel-good fad?

Check out the infographic from Gravitate below and see for yourself. Here are some highlights:

  • 43% of employees are stressed out by a heavy workload
  • Over half of the 550 million lost working days in the U.S. are stress related
  • 83% of employers are NOT able to accurately guess the amount of stress and anxiety in the workplace (that’s scary!)
  • Happy employees are 85% more efficient with their time
  • Happy employees stay TWICE as long in their job

Is there really a ‘happiness advantage’?

Happy Employees Infographic


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