Everything Starts with One

Agree or disagree:

We live in a society that’s all about MORE and BIGGER, where smaller numbers — especially just one — are rarely worthy of discussion at all. (Unless you’re talking about the “#1” at the top of the list, or maybe to an Olympic athlete who missed the gold because of one millisecond.)

Normally, though, the bigger the number, the more interested we are. Think about it: How often do you see a headline or hear talk about who got the biggest contract, who just bought the largest house, who sold the most books, and on and on?

So then naturally we compare those numbers to our numbers, and how can you not feel discouraged or insignificant at times? My house isn’t as big… my salary isn’t as big… I don’t have as many subscribers… I don’t have as many followers…

This has always bugged me, though, and I wonder:

Could we perhaps argue that the number one is the most important number of all?

One represents the beginning, and with no beginning there are certainly no “big numbers” to follow.

In reality, one is a big difference in a small package. It represents the birth of initiative.

  • One tiny spark will eventually burst into an immense flame.
  • One date can turn into a lifetime later.
  • And one compliment can be the building block of newfound confidence.

But again, in a world that shouts, “the bigger, the better,” we don’t always see it that way.

And while I’m bothered by how this “bigger” mentality can make us — yes, even me — feel inadequate sometimes, what bothers me even more is how it can stamp out something great before it even begins.

You know the feeling, when you have a vision for something great but it just seems impossible when you’re at the starting point: One — where everything begins. So then you just don’t do anything at all.

“I don’t want to start with just one. I want to achieve that big thing right NOW!!” we wail with frustration.

My message to you today is don’t be afraid or ashamed about starting with just one. In fact, celebrate that start!

I love this quote from Samuel Johnson:

“Do it now. You become successful the moment you start moving toward a worthwhile goal.”

Everything starts with one: One blog reader, one newsletter subscriber, one social media follower, one customer or one dollar. By initiating that one into play, we are inviting momentum to join us in action.

I propose a virtual toast: To starting with “one.”

Are you standing at the starting line right now? Leave a comment below so we can encourage you! Have you started with one and seen it grow? Leave a comment and leave your encouraging story for the rest of us! Thanks for reading!

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