Podcast: This Moment Matters: Embracing the Power of Now

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Imagine, for a moment, being fully present in your own life. Not dwelling in the past or anxiously anticipating the future, but truly immersed in the richness of each passing moment. This is the essence of “This Moment Matters,” a powerful concept that encourages us to appreciate the present and engage more deeply with our surroundings.

In this episode, Shawn shares a segment of a recording of him rehearsing for his very first “This Moment Matters” speaking engagement. While the presentation was for an audience of independent community bankers, it’s relevant to all of us–and just as relevant in 2024 as it was in 2012.

By candidly reflecting on the significance of appreciating life’s fleeting moments, Shawn invites us to awaken to the reality that “this moment matters” now, rather than when we’re older and filled with regret. By cultivating awareness and celebrating the present, we can find fulfillment, joy, and meaning in everyday experiences. Through his heartfelt storytelling, Shawn reminds us that life’s true essence lies in this very moment.

The Joshua Bell Experiment

One captivating story that Shawn shares is the Joshua Bell experiment conducted by The Washington Post. In a subway station in Washington, D.C., renowned violinist Joshua Bell played his beloved instrument with unmatched virtuosity. The experiment aimed to determine whether people would notice and appreciate this extraordinary performance amidst their daily hustle. Astonishingly, only a handful of individuals paused to listen, completely absorbed in the magic of the music. Children, in particular, demonstrated a profound connection to the present moment, while adults hurried on, unaware of the beauty unfolding before them

The Power of Mindfulness

As Shawn delves deeper into the concept of embracing the present moment, he introduces us to the transformative power of mindfulness. Mindfulness, simply put, is the practice of paying attention to the present moment. Research conducted by prominent companies like Google and Facebook has revealed that adopting mindfulness programs significantly enhances productivity, reduces burnout, and increases overall well-being. By tuning out distractions and fully immersing ourselves in the now, we can unlock our true potential and experience life in all its brilliance.

Breaking Life Down to Moments

To truly grasp the beauty of the present, Shawn suggests breaking life down into its simplest component: the moment. Rather than feeling overwhelmed by the vastness of our ambitions or constantly dwelling on the future, we can simplify our approach. By focusing on this precise moment, just as we breathe in and out, we can be fully attuned to the task at hand. Embracing the power of now not only allows us to bring our best selves into each moment but also makes life’s challenges more manageable.

Applying “This Moment Matters”

Shawn’s message on the value of appreciating the present extends beyond personal fulfillment and applies to businesses as well. He draws upon his childhood experiences at his local community bank to emphasize how each customer interaction is an opportunity to create a memorable moment. By empowering team members to be present and engaged, businesses can elevate their service and forge genuine connections with their customers. The simple mantra of “This Moment Matters” serves as a reminder to provide exceptional experiences, even amidst a rapidly changing professional landscape.

Embracing the Moments

As we conclude, let’s reflect on Shawn’s inspiring invitation to embrace the moments that define our lives. By detaching from the noise of the past and the uncertainty of the future, we can fully engage in the present. Whether it’s pausing to appreciate the beauty around us or focusing on one task at a time, each moment offers an opportunity for growth and fulfillment. Let’s adopt the mantra of “This Moment Matters” and cultivate a life filled with gratitude, intention, and a deep appreciation for the here and now.


In a world that often gravitates towards constant distraction and hurried living, the philosophy of “This Moment Matters” reminds us of the profound significance of the present. Through powerful storytelling and insightful reflections, Shawn Ellis showcases the transformative benefits of embracing the power of now. By taking time to be fully present and engaged in each passing moment, we can experience greater joy, fulfillment, and authentic connections. So, let’s tune out the noise, embrace the magic of each moment, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and profound appreciation for this beautiful thing we call life.

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