5 Questions to Step into Authenticity and Alignment

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AUTHENTICITY and ALIGNMENT are words that have carried a lot of weight with me for years, but especially these days. Related, I love this from Gary Zukav in his book, The Seat of the Soul:

“When we align our thoughts, emotions, and actions with the highest part of ourselves, we are filled with enthusiasm, purpose, and meaning… When the personality comes fully to serve the energy of its soul, that is authentic empowerment.”

Gary Zukav, The Seat of the Soul

To reverse that, if you find yourself feeling disempowered, or if you’re lacking enthusiasm, purpose, and meaning, is it possible that you’re living out of alignment with your true self?

That was me 7 years ago, when I met with a mentor and after a few minutes, he said, “I see someone who looks bleak, oppressed, hopeless.”

Speaking from experience, I’ve come to believe that being out of alignment–with yourself, with the nature of reality–is the ultimate cause of all suffering. In contrast, to come into alignment–with yourself, and with the nature of reality–is to find true peace and joy.

It was when that mentor said to me, “You’re not wrong to want a better life…”–a desire that I thought (as a result of my beliefs) WAS wrong–that I found freedom… and I set out on a journey toward authenticity and alignment which has led me to experience true peace and joy.

And the journey continues today.

If you’re sensing that you may be a bit (or a lot) out of alignment with your true self these days, here are 5 questions to check in with yourself for the next few mornings (and if you want to go deeper, get this printable PDF with 10 questions to ask yourself every morning):

Downloadable Authenticity Checklist
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1. Did I do anything yesterday that did not feel authentic? If so, what, and why?

2. What actions can I take today to show my authentic self?

3. What situations might I encounter that would tempt me to be inauthentic today? How can I rise above the temptation and handle those situations with authenticity?

4. What actions can I take today that make me feel good?

5. What good things will happen if I live authentically today?

Today is a good day to start–or return to–living in alignment.

Grace and peace to you, my friend.

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