Let’s Keep It Going!

Resilience Coach Shawn Ellis

Many people want to go to the next level in their relationships, career, health, and other spheres of life. Few are willing to invest the time and energy that’s necessary to do so. The fact you are here says you are one of the few, and I applaud you for your effort. I’m here for you.

I’ve created this page for you to bookmark as a collection of resources to help you continue on your journey of Mastering the Moments to create the life and work you love. 

If you just saw me at your company or association event, you can consider this page to be an extension of our keynote/seminar/workshop. As we talked about, the ultimate rewards are for those who put the ideas into practice and persist to the end. The resources on this page, combined with the notes from the handout you completed, will support you in that endeavor.

Resources from Shawn

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Recommended Reading (alphabetical order)

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Articles of Interest

Stay tuned for more resources to come… and reach out via the contact form if there’s something specific I can help you with. I’m here for you!