Are you looking for a speaker who inspires thought, feeling and action — during the session and after? Clients and attendees say that’s precisely what Shawn does:

“Shawn Ellis is a wonderful speaker and really proved his points about awareness, renewal and that a moment does matter. I was amazed at how I felt… I was super focused afterwards. Renewal rocks!”

“Thank you for speaking at the LEAP luncheon. The feedback was positive and the message resonated for many members personally and professionally.” – Sonali, Marathon Oil Company

“Excellent presentation!” – Michelle, Norwegian Cruise Line

“Attending this program at the recent convention was one of the most meaningful… being able to truly connect with others and fully enjoy each moment is a gift we’ve all been given but need to be reminded to embrace in our daily lives.” — Beverly, First National Bank of Fredonia

“This is one of the top issues facing executives.  I believe it’s hampering productivity more than we know or realize!” — Lori, Unisys Corp

“I really took to heart your message. Better yet, YES, I am taking time to ‘Breathe.’ Thanks for the reminder and I’m going to be sharing your message with my co-workers as well.” — Joni, Cattaraugus County Bank

Great presentation! I will focus on slowing down and enjoying the moments. Thank you!” — Debbie, ISA

“I learned that, although there will always be much to do and things will happen that we don’t plan on, we should always take time out for ourselves; learn to slow down and breathe.” — Valerie, Howard Community College

“I feel like a lot of my co-workers would benefit from your presentation/ideas.” — Shannon, CSC

“This presentation was a breath of fresh air in my otherwise busy and stressful day. Thank you!” — Valari, Crowe Horwath LLP

“Thank you for sharing your personal experiences with the audience – it’s very difficult share certain aspects of our lives in this arena with strangers but it really made me feel more connected to the topic at hand and you as the presenter.” — Carolyn, McGladrey

“Shawn is an excellent speaker and mindfulness practitioner.  Would highly recommend him for future presentations.” — Elmo, Mindful Foundations

“Bring more speakers with the fluidity and knowledge as Mr. Ellis.” — Julia, Brava, LLC

“Taking time to renew – it’s a simple thing to do in the midst of a busy day that could make all the difference in how the rest of my day goes. Great idea!” — Kathy, Bruster’s

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