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Resilience Strategist and Motivational Keynote Speaker Shawn Ellis is Empowering High-Performance Leaders and Their Teams to Thrive in the Face of Change and Adversity by Going Beyond Resilience with “The Reboot Roadmap: Four Steps to Come Back Better Than EVER”

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Beyond Resilience is not about surviving. It’s about coming back better than ever.

For leaders and high-performing professionals who have pushed themselves to the limit and achieved remarkable success, burnout can often be an unwelcome side effect. “Beyond Resilience: Four Steps to Come Back Better Than EVER” is a game-changing presentation designed to help individuals and organizations shift from merely surviving to truly thriving.

As a motivational and resilience keynote speaker, Shawn brings a unique blend of heartfelt storytelling and practical insights to every event. His keynotes are not just talks; they are narrative journeys that inspire resilience, adaptability, and personal empowerment.

Drawing on his personal journey of rising above survival mode and learning to flourish, this powerful keynote introduces attendees to Shawn’s Reboot Roadmap—a clear path from where they are to where they want to be. This transformative framework helps participants reconnect with their passion and purpose, step outside their comfort zones, and embrace new behaviors that bring their visions to life.

Throughout the presentation, attendees will learn to overcome limiting beliefs, create a faith file to inspire confidence in the face of adversity, and harness the power of being present in the moment. By uncovering the four steps present in every great turnaround story, “Beyond Resilience” empowers individuals and organizations to build a more engaged and inspired workforce, even amidst constant uncertainty and disruption.

“Beyond Resilience: Four Steps to Come Back Better Than EVER” will equip your team with the tools and strategies needed to rise above challenges and embrace a future where they not only survive but thrive with passion and purpose.

Shawn’s 4-step “Reboot Roadmap” will empower your audience to make the shift from just surviving to truly thriving

While it’s true that so much is out of our control, you always have the power to…

Change Your Energy

Learn how to rise above survival mode as you rediscover the power of being in the moment rather than just getting through the moments

Change Your Vision

Learn how to rise above complacency as you reconnect with your passion & purpose to reimagine possibilities for a better future

Change Your Expression

Learn how to rise above discomfort and leverage the power of momentum to bring your vision to life... one moment at a time

Change Your Results

Learn how to rise above the need to control outcomes and unleash the magic of surrender when you find evidence to trust the process

With these four steps, you will unlock the secrets of growth mindset, emotional intelligence, stress management, and self-improvement to elevate your leadership, team, and culture.

“Thank you again for partnering with us and providing a very valuable and timely keynote address. People were impressed with how well you prepared to reach out to our organization and specific leaders to customize your message.”

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Resilience Coach and Motivational Speaker Shawn Ellis

Meet Shawn Ellis, Your Speaker & Guide for Going Beyond Resilience

What Can You Expect When You Book Shawn to Speak at Your Event?

It’s more important than ever that we create a real, memorable experience for attendees. In Shawn’s signature keynote, he intertwines the art of storytelling with actionable strategies for resilience and motivation so your attendees learn how to navigate life’s challenges with grace and emerge stronger.

When you book Shawn to deliver an inspiring keynote at your event, here are seven things you can count on:


Interactive and thought-provoking talks that inspire action


Tailored to address your organization's present challenges and unique need


Skills and insights that will continue to benefit your organization for months and years to come


A wealth of knowledge gained from working with top companies and a commitment to ongoing study and research


A true partnership from start to finish


Continued guidance through follow-up sessions and additional services


A track record of success in helping organizations grow and thrive

Motivational keynote speaker Shawn Ellis with audience

Listen to Some of Shawn’s Recent Clients & Audience Members

Hear from those inspired by Shawn’s motivational and resilience keynotes, and see how his dynamic storytelling can transform perspectives.

“I cannot say enough good things about his presentation. Shawn was charming, very sensitive to the needs of our group and found very creative ways to weave in some of the touch points we had discussed beforehand. Shawn found a way to add humor to topics that had previously been tense. He was excellent!”

“Your presentation was entertaining, motivating, and empowering to all our guests. A few key messages from your presentation that we have heard repeated: ‘living in the moment or living to get through the moment,’ ‘Positivity improves business outcomes,’ ‘I AM THRIVING’ goes to show how impressionable you were! It was a pleasure working with you!”

“From the initial booking to his presentation to our district, Shawn Ellis was exceptional! Shawn spoke to our employees from the heart and in a manner that was unique for us. He goes above and beyond to learn about the employees, filter his presentation, and read the audience in order to pace his message for the greatest impact. We were all energized and focused after our time with him.”

“Your presentation was amazing and we are receiving great feedback from it. We’re already hearing you quoted as our day goes on! Thank you again for your inspiration and your honesty with sharing about your personal life. It really touched everyone. ”

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