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“Attending this program at the recent convention was one of the most meaningful…” — Beverly G., First National Bank of Fredonia

“He nailed it 100%!” — Edward H., Ingredion Inc.

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Inspirational Keynote Speaker with "Real World Strategies" for Facing Change, Adversity, and Uncertainty

Shawn Ellis: Top Motivational Speaker and Leading Resilience Expert

Shawn is a leading authority on cultivating resilience as a path to peace, happiness, and higher performance in today’s increasingly complex business conditions. Beyond sharing his expertise from nearly 20 years of studying motivation, leadership, and success strategies, he shares the personal experience of putting it all to the test while leading a business through a recession, raising a young son, becoming a single dad, and facing the everyday challenges of life. Audiences love him for his authenticity, vulnerability, sense of humor, and his refreshing perspective on succeeding in life and business today. He is the author of All According to Plan (2018) and has been featured on NBC, ABC, FOX, CNBC, USA Today, Yahoo News and many more media outlets.

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Keynote Speaker

A great option to open or close your event, equipping attendees to make the most of all the other great sessions on your program.

“I learned that, although there will always be much to do and things will happen that we don’t plan on, we should always take time out for ourselves…” — Valerie, Howard Community College

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Breakout Sessions

Bring added depth to your program, and break up all the “technical” content with a session designed to inspire and and empower your people to implement what they’ve learned in other sessions.

“This presentation was a breath of fresh air in my otherwise busy and stressful day. Thank you!” — Valari, Crowe Horwath LLP

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Online Events

If bringing all your people together is not feasible, for logistical or budgetary issues—or if you just need a “boost” in between your live events—an online workshop (webinar) is a great option!

“Shawn is an excellent speaker and mindfulness practitioner.  Would highly recommend him for future presentations.” — Elmo, Mindful Foundations

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Popular Posts from Shawn's "Good Advice" Blog

Life is an accumulation of moments. What will you do with this one? Here are some posts from Shawn’s blog to help you make the most of it.

Not Another “One of Those Days”: 3 Ways to Interrupt the Downward Spiral

I once heard that there’s no such thing as a bad day, but only a bad moment that lingers. And we’ve all experienced it. Here are three steps to keep that moment from lingering!

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3 Reasons to Celebrate the Little Victories (while on the way to the big ones)

When we map out our “grand plan” — for life, for today, for our business, etc. — we typically put the finish flag at the end, and we think, When I get there, I’ll celebrate. But don’t wait that long!

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The Power of Focus and Flow: Enjoy More Happiness and High Performance… Right Now

When our attention is divided — whether by multitasking or by simple distractions — we get less of the world and the world gets less of us. Here’s one of my favorite mantras to help you be here now.

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5 Steps to Create More Amazing Moments with Your Customers (and How to Recover from Awful Ones)

Customer service is defined by moments. We all know that, so let’s not leave one moment to chance. Here are five steps to help you create more amazing moments–and recover from awful ones–with your customers.

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The Greatest Gift: What They REALLY Want for Christmas

“The most wonderful time of the year” is here, marked by scrumptious dinners and desserts, snowmen, ribbons, lights, ugly sweaters — so many good things — and… STRESS!  It doesn’t have to be that way.

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Feeling Overwhelmed? 3 Simple Steps to Find Relief Today

Are you feeling overwhelmed by too much to do? Are you tired of feeling that “today’s the day” you conquer your to-do list, only to end the day no further ahead (or worse, further behind) than when you began? Help is here.

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