It’s a New World Out There... Is Your Team Equipped to Adapt and Thrive?

Resilience Strategist and Keynote Speaker Shawn Ellis is Empowering High-Performance Leaders and Their Teams to Go Beyond Resilience and Thrive in Times of Transition with the 5 C’s Framework

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Shawn is the right choice when your goal is to…

*Most clients don’t realize just how much stress is affecting their lives - and their performance - until
the Beyond Resilience experience reminds them what thriving feels like once again.

Five to Thrive in Times of Change and Transition: Unlock the Power of Calm, Clarity, Courage, Confidence, and Community

With more than 20 years of experience in leadership, entrepreneurship, and collaboration with the world's top thought leaders, resilience keynote speaker Shawn Ellis is championing a new era of resilient leadership that can adapt, evolve, and emerge stronger from adversity. His transformative framework, The Reboot Roadmap, enables individuals and organizations to not just survive challenges, but to go Beyond Resilience and thrive, returning stronger and more effective than ever before in a deeply fulfilling, human-centric work environment.

“Beyond Resilience” will equip your team with the tools and strategies needed to rise above challenges and embrace a future where they not only survive but thrive with passion and purpose.

For leaders and high-performing professionals who have pushed themselves to the limit and achieved remarkable success, burnout can often be an unwelcome side effect. “Beyond Resilience: Four Steps to Come Back Better Than EVER” is a game-changing presentation designed to help individuals and organizations shift from merely surviving to truly thriving.

Drawing on his personal journey of rising above survival mode and learning to flourish, this powerful keynote introduces attendees to Shawn’s Reboot Roadmap—a clear path from where they are to where they want to be. This transformative framework helps participants reconnect with their passion and purpose, step outside their comfort zones, and embrace new behaviors that bring their visions to life.

Throughout the presentation, attendees will learn to overcome limiting beliefs, create a faith file to inspire confidence in the face of adversity, and harness the power of being present in the moment. By uncovering the four steps present in every great turnaround story, “Beyond Resilience” empowers individuals and organizations to build a more engaged and inspired workforce, even amidst constant uncertainty and disruption.

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1. Conduct interviews with key leaders and audience members to better understand their desires and challenges, so he can tailor his presentation accordingly

2. Support you by creating promotional materials to generate buzz and excitement for your event



1. Deliver a captivating and inspiring presentation filled with actionable takeaways

2. Share relevant examples and case studies that resonate with your audience



1. Lead a post-event debrief and strategy session with your leadership team to discuss key takeaways and develop a plan for implementing the lessons learned in the workplace

2. Provide ongoing support through tailored training, coaching, and consulting packages to enhance the organization's growth and development

What Can You Expect When You Work with Shawn?


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“You were a HUGE hit and people are still talking about the 4 changes we need to focus on. The 1% improvement really resonated, and people have identified what their individual 1% means to them. You made a difference, sent the right message at the right time and we are grateful you participated in our meeting.”


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“Finding the right speakers for the right moment is the most challenging thing for us. We really enjoyed you and your point of view and your message. Thank you for helping us create an excellent conference.”



“Shawn was charming, very sensitive to the needs of our group and found very creative ways to weave in some of the touch points we had discussed beforehand. He found a way to add humor to topics that had previously been tense. At the end of the talk, Shawn centered the group back to why all of this is actually important and why it's so important to live in and enjoy the moment. He was excellent!”



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*Most clients don’t realize just how much stress is affecting their lives until
the Mastering the Moments experience reminds them what thriving feels like once again.

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