What If... You and Your Team Could Move Beyond Resilience and Create Your Best Year EVER?

More Than A Motivational Keynote, “Beyond Resilience”
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Is Your Team Surviving... or Thriving?

*Most clients don’t realize just how much stress is affecting their lives - and their performance - until
the Beyond Resilience experience reminds them what thriving feels like once again.

“It’s a wild, wild world out there! People are overwhelmed. Burned out. Frustrated. And... this is the opportunity! The leaders, teams, and organizations who are able to move beyond resilience (the fact you’re reading this proves you are resilient) to reconnect with goals, values, and purpose are those who will truly thrive in the new season. Mastering the Moments is the path to Rise and Thrive, yielding less stress, more happiness, and higher performance.”

In the Beyond Resilience: Four Steps to Create Your Best Year EVER motivational keynote experience, your audience will discover simple shifts to not only cultivate resilience, but thrive—even in the midst of uncertainty, adversity and change.

So, things haven’t unfolded exactly as we imagined up to this point. Yes, there have been some setbacks and detours along the way. The good news is, we’re still here. You’ve survived everything you’ve faced so far. Now the question is: 
What’s next? How can you not only survive, but thrive in these turbulent times?

According to the World Economic Forum, the organizations that will thrive in a post-pandemic economy are those with resilience and agility. These are the skills of Mastering the Moments, which is exactly what your audience will learn in this engaging and interactive session—available virtually or in-person.

Top-rated motivational keynote speaker and resilience coach Shawn Ellis will inspire your team as he shares stories from his personal journey from surviving to thriving, while sharing science-backed tools and techniques they can implement immediately—empowering them to perform at a higher level with the flexibility, resilience, and focus required to stay proactive in today’s rapidly changing, ultra-competitive marketplace.

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Between event confirmation and the day of the event, Shawn will talk with you and/or your leaders to learn more about the challenges and opportunities your attendees face so he can customize the Mastering the Moments for maximum value.

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With all of the details out of the way, with all of the customization complete, it’s time for an amazing event! With 1001 other details swirling on the day of the event, you can rest easy knowing Shawn will be in the right place at the right time, delivering an amazing session your attendee will thank you for.

What Can You Expect When You Work with Shawn?


Memorable Experience


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Lasting Results

“You were a HUGE hit and people are still talking about the 4 changes we need to focus on. The 1% improvement really resonated, and people have identified what their individual 1% means to them. You made a difference, sent the right message at the right time and we are grateful you participated in our meeting.”


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“Finding the right speakers for the right moment is the most challenging thing for us. We really enjoyed you and your point of view and your message. Thank you for helping us create an excellent conference.”



“Shawn was charming, very sensitive to the needs of our group and found very creative ways to weave in some of the touch points we had discussed beforehand. He found a way to add humor to topics that had previously been tense. At the end of the talk, Shawn centered the group back to why all of this is actually important and why it's so important to live in and enjoy the moment. He was excellent!”



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*Most clients don’t realize just how much stress is affecting their lives until
the Mastering the Moments experience reminds them what thriving feels like once again.

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