NEW VIRTUAL SESSION: “Mastering the Moments: 5 Principles to Find Certainty in the Midst of Crisis”

Virtual Inspirational Speaker Session with Resilience Coach Shawn Ellis

As we are collectively focused on how we can slow the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, we as leaders must also focus on what we need to be spreading among our team members right now: CERTAINTY.

This is a time of unprecedented uncertainty and we are all of scrambling to adapt to a new way of life and work. What was familiar and reliable just days ago has been taken away, and now we must develop and implement new strategies to not only thrive, but to survive.

We will get through this, and we will rise above, but we must not make the mistake of rushing into the “how” of it all before we first address the fear, anxiety, sadness, loss, and other disempowering emotions that are consuming your people right now.

The key to rising up is to shift from states of fear and anxiety into an elevated, empowered state of CERTAINTY. It is from this state that you will find the creativity, resourcefulness, optimism, and other qualities you and your people need to implement the strategies required to succeed today.

This is the principle of State Before Strategy.

Where do you find this CERTAINTY? We must stop looking for it in our circumstances—which continue to change by the day, or by the hour—and instead cultivate it from within.

This is exactly what resilience coach and motivational keynote speaker Shawn Ellis teaches in his new virtual workshop—designed specifically for this moment in time—titled “Mastering the Moments: 5 Principles to Find Certainty in the Midst of Crisis.”

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While drawing on proven lessons from the fields of mindfulness, neuroscience, and psychology, combined with Strategic Intervention coaching methodologies, Shawn teaches through the lens of personal experience, having successfully navigated multiple personal and professional crises over the decade. In other words, the presentation not only has information, but just as importantly, feeling, which is what leaves a lasting impression with session participants.

Your attendees will walk away inspired, empowered, and equipped with specific tools to help them anchor to a state of CERTAINTY that will carry them through the days, weeks, and months ahead, so your organization can rise up in this unique time, and be prepared to thrive for years to come.

After this session, your team members will:

  • Have tools to proactively take control of their thoughts to stay calm, centered, and aligned with core values to to make necessary decisions
  • Have a 4-step process to identify and let go of limiting beliefs that naturally crop up when facing new challenges
  • Be able to find an empowering meaning in this crisis and others that may show up in the future
  • Know the two questions that allow us to connect to the highest human needs of growth and service to pull them forward in difficult times
  • Have four simple, daily practices to cultivate certainty and resilience to persist in pursuit of their ultimate goals and objectives
  • Have confidence that they have the inner strength to thrive in life and work, regardless of the circumstances

Recent audience feedback:

“Amazing! We want to have you back.” – Freddie Mac

“I cannot say enough good things about his presentation. Shawn found a way to add humor to topics that had previously been tense. At the end of the talk, Shawn centered the group back to why all of this is actually important…. He was excellent!” – Bayhealth Medical Center

“Interactive, customized, and just what we needed.” – United Insurance Group

“I continue to hear such positive feedback… What’s really nice is that the feedback is coming from every employee group… not just teachers, which was my goal. Your message touched everyone! We were all energized and focused after our time with you.” – New Milford Public Schools 

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