Claim Your “AAA” Power, Transform Your Experience

I have the power to choose...

Today we are on Day 2 of the Five to Thrive 5-Day Resilience Challenge and our theme is: Claim Your Power. 🔌⁣

This entire process–as we work through the “Working with What Is” course–is about making the shift from living as a victim of your circumstances, to living as the creator of your experience.

Anytime things don’t go according to plan–and especially when the situation or circumstances linger for an extended period–it’s easy to feel like your life is out of control. Isn’t it?

The thing is, we need a sense of control in order to thrive. ⁣But where do you find this control when everything seems uncertain?

The key is to remember your circumstances were never in your control in the first place. What you always control, though, is how you respond, and here’s a simple way to remember three choices you can always make to transform your experience even as the circumstances remain the same:


Attention 🧐: What will you focus on? For example, you can focus on what is present, or you can focus on what’s missing–and what you long for. You can focus on everything that’s going right, or on everything that’s going wrong. There are so many options to choose from, and what you focus on will influence what comes next…⁣

Attitude 💭: What thoughts will you think or believe? For example, you can think “here we go again” and start a downward spiral of catastrophic thinking, or you can think “I’ve gotten through challenges in the past and I’ll get through this one, too” and feel yourself being empowered. You can think “everything is horrible!” or you can think “this is just a blip.” The thoughts you choose to believe will determine how you feel, and then…⁣

Action 🎬: What will you do? Obviously your behavior from one moment to the next will influence the ultimate outcome you experience, and this is usually the first thing we focus on–what to do. But the truth is, you’re unlikely to engage in the best behavior if you don’t first pause to check your attention and attitude.⁣

You are always making these three choices from moment to moment, but they’re usually happening on autopilot. ⁣

In today’s lesson in the Five to Thrive challenge–and in the companion worksheet–we’re learning how to bring more intention and alignment to these choices. 🧭⁣

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