State Before Strategy: The Importance of Spreading Certainty in Times of Crisis

In times of crisis–like we face right now with the COVID-19 coronavirus–the easiest thing is to jump right into “fix it” mode. After all, we’ve realized that our old, familiar ways of doing things aren’t relevant anymore, so… fix it!

The challenge, though, is that a crisis often sends us into survival mode, which is characterized by feelings of fear, anxiety, worry, and sadness. It’s a very natural, human response, but it’s not the state that will allow us to develop and implement the best new strategies for moving forward. Rather, we need to tap into qualities like creativity, resourcefulness, and optimism.

How do we make the shift? The answer is in the principle of State Before Strategy, which simply means that before we tackle strategy, we first need to address our–and our team’s–emotional state of being.

In times of crisis, we specifically need to help our people get back to a state of certainty. In the video below, motivational speaker and resilience coach Shawn Ellis shares three steps to do just that.

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