Are You Celebrating Your Progress Daily?

As “achievers,” we’re very good at measuring how far we have to go. We’re not so good at celebrating how far we’ve already come. Grab this Celebrating Progress Toolkit - including a daily affirmation/reflection and a Measuring Progress worksheet - and make celebrating victories a part of your daily routine!

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    Shawn Ellis

    Top-Rated Motivational Speaker and Resilience Coach

    Who am I?

    For over 15 years as a writer, speaker, and coach, I’ve been sharing tools and advice to help my clients navigate change, cultivate resilience, and achieve greater success. Everything I share is backed up by evidence, yet I share it all through the lens of personal experience. As an entrepreneur and single parent, I share these tools and inspirational nuggets with others because I needed them first. These practices have allowed me to shift from surviving to thriving, and they have the power to do the same for you. I’m grateful to come alongside you as a guide on your journey.

    What will you get in this toolkit?

    • A 1-page daily affirmation with reflection questions to help you feel your progress daily
    • A 2-page Measuring Progress worksheet that you can use to track progress on specific goals weekly, identifying what worked and where you can improve, so you keep moving forward throughout the year