Are you and your team ready to go Beyond Resilience in 2023?

Just “surviving” is no longer enough. Uncertainty and disruption are here to stay… and if we want to thrive, we must learn to thrive right here in the midst of it. And we can. Kick off 2023 with Shawn’s energizing ”Beyond Resilience” keynote and your attendees will walk away with the inspiration and the tools they need to come back better than EVER… 


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Which of the following ring true for you?

If any of these statements describe your leaders or team members, they will thank you for booking Shawn as your kickoff keynote speaker.

Beyond Resilience is not about surviving. It’s about coming back better than EVER.

Empower your audience to make the shift from just surviving to truly thriving with Shawn’s 4-step “Reboot Roadmap”

While it’s true that so much is out of our control, you always have the power to…

Change Your ENERGY

It’s normal to go into survival mode when disruption hits. You can’t tap into the creativity you need to move forward in survival mode, though. Discover your three tools of creation to change your energy in a moment.

Change Your VISION

After an extended period in survival mode, it’s easy to get tunnel vision from facing one problem after another. Motivation and resilience are found when we create a compelling vision for the future.


If you want to experience something different, you must do something different... even if that means being just 1% better than yesterday. Identify the new beliefs and behaviors that are necessary to bring your vision to life.

Change Your RESULTS

What if you could produce results beyond your wildest imagination? The greatest rewards are reserved for those who keep going. Discover the power of patience, persistence, and trusting the process.

👉🏼 Employees who are “struggling” or “suffering” have over two times the amount of turnover as those who are thriving. (Gallup 2021)

“You were a HUGE hit and people are still talking about the 4 changes we need to focus on. The 1% improvement really resonated... You made a difference, sent the right message at the right time and we are grateful you participated in our meeting.”

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Resilience Coach and Motivational Speaker Shawn Ellis

Meet Shawn Ellis, Your Kickoff Speaker & Guide for Going Beyond Resilience

Motivational keynote speaker and resilience expert Shawn Ellis has been inspiring readers and audiences for over 15 years, sharing ideas and principles to cultivate resilience and thrive in the face of uncertainty, adversity, and change. Whether in his “Beyond Resilience” keynote, his “Built to Thrive” leadership development program, or his “Working with What Is” online course, Through the lens of personal experience, Shawn shares lessons learned from mindfulness, neuroscience, and psychology combined with strategic coaching methodologies to facilitate immediate and lasting shifts in mindset and behavior—so you, rather than your circumstances, are empowered to be the creator of your life experience.

What Can You Expect When You Book Shawn as a Kickoff Speaker for Your Event?

After 2+ years of virtual events, it’s more important than ever that we create a real, memorable experience for attendees. No one wants to be just talked to for 45-90 minutes. When you book Shawn to deliver an inspiring keynote at your event, here are just a few things you can count on:

Easy to work with

You might have 99 (or 999) problems to solve when planning an event, but when you book Shawn, you can rest easy knowing the speaker ain’t one of them. Our goal is to make your life easier!

Customized presentation

No canned presentations here. Shawn invests hours preparing for each event, taking time to get to know the client and the audience so he can connect the key principles to their world.

Fun, engaging, uplifting experience

Albert Einstein said, “Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.” That’s why Shawn utilizes humorous and heartwarming stories along with audience interaction to create an experience that touches the heart, mind, and spirit.

Lasting results

Shawn’s goal is not only to give your attendees a fun, uplifting experience for an hour, but to leave them with insights and tools that they can apply for months and years to come.

Motivational keynote speaker Shawn Ellis with audience

Listen to Some of Shawn’s Recent Clients & Audience Members

“I cannot say enough good things about his presentation. Shawn was charming, very sensitive to the needs of our group and found very creative ways to weave in some of the touch points we had discussed beforehand. Shawn found a way to add humor to topics that had previously been tense. He was excellent!”

“Your presentation was entertaining, motivating, and empowering to all our guests. A few key messages from your presentation that we have heard repeated: ‘living in the moment or living to get through the moment,’ ‘Positivity improves business outcomes,’ ‘I AM THRIVING’ goes to show how impressionable you were! It was a pleasure working with you!”

“From the initial booking to his presentation to our district, Shawn Ellis was exceptional! Shawn spoke to our employees from the heart and in a manner that was unique for us. He goes above and beyond to learn about the employees, filter his presentation, and read the audience in order to pace his message for the greatest impact. We were all energized and focused after our time with him.”

“Your presentation was amazing and we are receiving great feedback from it. We’re already hearing you quoted as our day goes on! Thank you again for your inspiration and your honesty with sharing about your personal life. It really touched everyone. ”

Let’s Talk About How We Can Help Your Leaders or Team Members Go Beyond Resilience at Your Next Event!

Thank you for considering Shawn as a motivational keynote speaker for your 2023 kickoff event. We know this is an important decision and we would be happy to talk to you to learn more about your audience and your objectives so together we can determine if Shawn is the right fit and if so, how he can best support you. 

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